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25-May-2020 23:34

They may have convinced themselves otherwise, but they don’t care about you.

It’s always a challenge when you contract with a company from out-of-state because you never know what you’ll get?

It’s an assault on truth, it’s an attack on truth and it’s rebellion against God."-- Posted nasty cartoon implying that Boy Scout inclusivity will lead to sex abuse-- Has vowed to defy marriage equality laws-- Pushes idea that same-sex parenting is tantamout to child abuse-- Calls on Christians to rise up against LGBTQ rights and other progressive policies: "While there are those who will give way out of fear, weakness or a desire to conform to the world, there are many others who will not.

In short, these sexually confused and spiritually lost souls, particularly males caught-up in this lifestyle, can only "consummate" a counterfeit "gay marriage" through the squalid, unnatural and feculent abuse of both the reproductive and digestive systems.

This journey would have been far more difficult without support from Liberty and the Gap fillers group.

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We limit the size of groups to make the environment intimate and real.We still love our son dearly and try to accept and love his partner too.