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17-Jan-2020 04:10

Today I have to manually update the library through the menu.I want a way to clean and update the library every xx hours or xx days.import xbmc from os import listdir from time import sleep xbmc.log('[refresh-slideshow] Starting') monitor = xbmc.Monitor() picfolder = "/home/osmc/images" # Generate list of images and start slideshow l1 = listdir(picfolder) xbmc.executebuiltin('Slide Show(%s)' %(picfolder)) xbmc.log('[refresh-slideshow] Slideshow started, monitoring') # Wait for slideshow to start sleep(5) # Monitor during slideshow while not monitor.abort Requested(): # If slideshow is still running, compare directory contents if Cond Visibility('Window.

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JSONDecoder().decode(response) try: return response[0]['result'] except: return response[0]['error'] xbmc = XBMCJSON(http_address) xbmc.executebuiltin(Clean Library(database)) With XBMC Library Auto Update you can also add a cron job so you can have it run when you are not using your media center.

Any alternatives in Mr MC for the Kodi addon XBMC Library Auto Update?

I manage media files directly on a Linux server (NFS) where I add and also remove files.

So it’s restarting the slideshow and showing new pics.

However, I have one thing that could be improved and I don’t know how to do it.

Something like the following (and totally untested): import xbmc from os import listdir monitor = xbmc.

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