Worst dating show moments

15-Nov-2019 22:19

is one of the most beloved TV shows of all time, and the best moments from its 10-season run rank up there with the best in the history of television.

From Ross and Rachel's tortured romance, to Monica and Chandler's elaborate deception as they tried to hide their own fledgling relationship — at its finest, But that doesn't mean the show didn't occasionally get it wrong.

We get it — it was the 10th season and it's hard to come up with fresh storylines when a show has been running that long.

But pairing Rachel and Joey, two characters with zero chemistry, when fans had been begging for years for a Ross and Rachel reunion, was sure to enrage audiences.

Perhaps at one point, it had been mutually beneficial but ultimately Klaus was responsible for forcing Stefan to return to his ripper ways and almost forcing him to murder his friends and family on multiple occasions.

They were the definition of toxicity and not a compatible pairing in any way.

However, in the beginning, Caroline was a pretty terrible friend to Elena.

She was extremely judgmental towards her when she began dating Stefan and very jealous of her romantic life.

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Their friendship is a legendary one that spans life and death.

Not to mention how cruel she was to Bonnie on several different occasions.