Why do blacks hate interrical dating updating maps nuvi

12-Apr-2020 05:20

Blanqueamiento is being performed on us right now and we don’t even know it.We have integrated so much into the culture of the Europeans and the ways of their world that we think of interracial marriage as a symbol of racism no longer existing.According to Atlanta Black Star, there are over 22 tv shows out right now that promote interracial relationships.I don’t have any statistics on the movies, but it seems as if every black movie that comes out today now has some form of interracial dating in it.They are the offspring of the European slave masters who raped black women, whose children bred back into the white race.I shared that short piece of history with you to show you how interracial mating is used as a tool to destroy black populations. In case you didn’t know, the entire world was black a few thousand years ago.So whatever is popular in the media, eventually becomes popular in society.This is why there are so many interracial couples in the black community today because there are so many interracial couples on the black tv shows and movies that we watch today.

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The media dictates the culture of American society.One of the fastest growing forms of genocide that is happening to us so-called black folks living here in America today is interracial marriage and interracial baby-making.Although white cops are still killing blacks, the prisons are still targeting blacks, and the spirit of homosexuality is still spreading among blacks — nothing is destroying the black family quicker today than interracial marriage.By european, I mean white or fair skin with straight or blonde hair.

Whether it be in films, TV shows, magazine covers or commercials, the dominant portrayal of what is considered beautiful in the media is always women of european descent or that have european features!

And the reason interracial dating is so appealing to us — men in particular — is because they have programmed our minds to view white-skin and European features as beautiful and brown skin and African features as ugly.

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