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06-Jun-2020 05:41

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Usher get it together, follow your heart, follow your dreams, but be slow to move when following those that you PAY to be around. Usher kids are ok, not all that, but as long as they are happy and healthy that's all that matter. I seriously doubt it, she doesnt make sense in his equation at all.

Usher really needs to end the relationship he has with this woman Grace asap, she bringing him un needed Drama like that Ex of his!!! As far as his current fashion, I dont love it, but maybe he's prepping for a role in a movie?

This woman hopefully wont bring him down, she seems to be bad news from all that I have read about her (mistress, bossy, took over his career) I know that Usher is a smart man and wouldn't let his penis ruin his career, especially with a non-descript, un-pretty, old woman. i agree with the long comment above, she was never even given a chance to be with him. Ive seen like 5 different pictures over the year and shes always ugly with awful hair and skin bumps. I DO NOT think this is his girlfriend, this woman is clearly in her late 40's, high yellow to a pasty beige color (Ushers women are brown usually), she looks like a former muppet star, and is very unkept looking. He would never date a woman this unattractive especially in public.

She isnt ever going to be his wife or anything serious, I just dont see him spazzing out that bad. He has gorgeous children with the woman that everybody hated, called ugly and spoke so badly about, the irony. This woman is WACK and his EX-Wife was even Sacked... The only drama I heard of was fans not liking her, how is she bringing drama to him? He's facing the street which means he doesnt mind being seen (ie; fans, photos, public) I know he wouldnt think to do this if this older woman was his girlfriend.

And they can't even enjoy lunch without these wack ass picture takin fuckers that can't even find a real job to support themselves and their faggot ass children (no offense gay community).. He's a guy after his own wishes and doesn't really care about who he hurts. But any woman who walks out the door with her hair like that, and she anit no CRACKHEAD, got some serious mental issues!

It just pisses me off that so many of these celebrities can't even get privacy wherever they are.. How would you feel if somebody shoved their camera so far down your throat that they could tell what you ate for lunch??? It is amazing to me that people criticize his choices.

Leave Usher alone let him be, he has a lot to figure out. She lighter so she will be recieved better, but that dont make her attractive, cause' she just isnt. Usher will always be on top, because he has sheer raw talent, no gimmicks are required.

I have followed his career for years, I LOVED him committing and getting married I thought it was sexy, mature, and made him distinguished from the rest.

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