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If Disney hasn't received complaints for this already (and I suspect they have), then they likely will soon, and probably should.

It's worth noting that prior to this release, Disney offered a "Disneymania Music Video DVD" exclusively at Best Buy that consisted of four performances from this concert ("True To Your Heart," "The Second Star To The Right," "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," "Anytime You Need A Friend").

One would hope that the guests at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure, where the concert was filmed, knew what they were cheering for, but the in-store consumers certainly do not, prior to purchasing and opening.

It may not make a difference to some, but to others it likely will.

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Though it was released on the same day as and marketed with the third volume of the CD line, there are no songs from the newest album release performed on the DVD.

Your host for the one-hour evening is none other than the new face of Disney herself, Raven.

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Joining her are Jesse Mc Cartney and Stevie Brock, young and talented on-the-rise pop stars who not only sing Disney tunes, but a few of their own chart-toppers as well (as does Raven).

Some of the supplements included in the program, however, are in widescreen, such as Ashanti's studio session.