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08-Oct-2020 14:41

When you travel anywhere in Europe you see a lot of people carrying his books.

He is pretty liberal and outspoken, so I hope if he's gay, he would be public about it.

Food and lodging is done on a budget while the crew sees the same sites as those paying for an expensive tour.

I like Rick Steves, but why does PBS keep airing episodes that are a decade (or more) old? Only think I don't like about his show is how he spends so much time in museums and churches rather than out and about in the city.

He did a recent show where he had a very attractive male guide.

There were some interesting shots of RS and the guy sitting close together in a boat.

I caught an old episode of his (I guess they are all old now) where he and his wife, son and daughter went away together. I was the first person he had met using the Kindle version of his book as it happens, so they took a photo of me with my Kindle and then I got a photo of him and me together in my camera.

He didn't strike me as either badly dressed (he looked like any tourist in Florence), he didn't ping (I am a straight female FWIW but think I have decent gaydar), and he wasn't the fatuous idiot he seems to me on television.

I have gone to his travel message boards, and they can be very good as well.That evening, RS was rapturous about a restaurant's romantic atmosphere. Though Rick Steves show comes across as "Europe 101", a few years ago he did a special where he went to some of Europe's less-known, more out of the way places.

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