Who is lil wayne dating october 2016

16-Jul-2020 01:27

Lil Twist was arrested and charged with making criminal threats, burglary, grand theft, battery and 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon in March 2015.

This was after Twist and four others assaulted Disney actor Kyle Massey and Massey's brother, Christopher Massey. On December 1, Lil Twist pled no contest to 6 charges and received a 1 year sentence.

The short rhymester has since stayed relevant, so it is worth highlighting his journey thus far. on September 27, 1982, Lil Wayne grew up in New Orleans under the care of his 19-year-old mom and late stepfather, Reginald “Rabbit” Mc Donald who was killed before Wayne became successful.

His biological dad, Dwayne Carter abandoned them when he was just two years old and though he is still alive, he has no concrete relationship with the star.

When he was 12 years old, Lil Twist went to a Lil Wayne concert in Tyler, Texas and opened for Lil Wayne.

Impressed, Cortez and Wayne flew Lil Twist to Atlanta to see how he was in a recording studio.

He released mixtapes such as The Golden Child, and a single, "Love Affair" to build anticipation for his upcoming album, Bad Decisions.

He was featured in XXL hip hop magazine's "2011 Freshman Class".

As common with men who have many affairs with different women, rapper Wayne has four children from different women he has had dated in the past.Because of his love for tattoos, there have been many hoax stories on different internet sources since 2015 claiming that the rapper has a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.It was also reported then that he had just one month to walk the earth.Lil Wayne loves body arts and tattoos, thus has numerous collage of it on his skin.

He continues to ink in new ones and changing old ones with new designs.Lil Twist has made guest appearances on Disney Channel's animated series Fish Hooks as the voice of Brandon Bubbler.