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As of 2017, Bridge's net worth stands at £9 million, the highest of all the members of The Saturdays.

Bridge began auditioning for programmes in television shows and adverts when she was just nine years old, and although she did well and often making the final, she didn't receive any parts she auditioned for and began questioning whether or not she was good enough, and therefore began taking an extra two private acting lessons a week.

The song went head-to-head in a chart battle with the Sugababes' comeback single "Freak like Me".

Eventually, the song debuted at number two in the UK, though the group were predicted to chart at number-one in the midweek sales, but dipped over the weekend selling roughly 73,000 copies in the first week, compared to the Sugababes' 85,000 copies.

is an English singer-songwriter, formerly a member of S Club 8 and a member of girl group The Saturdays, signed to the Fascination and Polydor labels.

Bridge began her career when she auditioned for Simon Fuller's reality television competition, S Club Search in 2001, broadcast on CBBC.

By the time the group had finished touring with S Club 7, they had earned a substantial following and with the encouragement of 19, Polydor Records signed the group.

The group were immediately signed to Polydor and Fascination Records and later gained a record deal with Geffen Records after having huge success in the United Kingdom.

The group then began featuring in their own Children's musical television program, I Dream.

Bridge played a main role in the show and went onto release the solo single "Dreaming".

Together with the band, Bridge successfully released seven singles and two albums.

While in the group, Bridge starred in S Club 7's TV show, Viva S Club.Sundown (2003) was unveiled as the album's title in September and the album was released in early October 2003.