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14-Sep-2020 23:47

PATTI STANGER, the host of Bravo's 'Millionaire Matchmaker', has been criticised for comments she made about woman who have curly hair, reports CNN.

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One thing's for certain: Patti doesn't understand her new demographic. Patti Stanger would be a lot happier if she came to terms with the fact that New York women aren't like Beverly Hills women.

Bryce may have come off as cold and snobby last night, but the truth is that she and Keith simply weren't a good match for each other. First thing out of Keith's mouth: "I'm intimidated by Bryce." If you're intimidated by us, then it means you think you aren't good enough to date us, and if 6. It's awkward to write about someone's clothes, but we just couldn't let this one slide.