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One sometimes finds that T1088s are reported as being capable of 20W or even 25W - utter nonsense.

Even with the heaviest doping possible, Vox knew that the T1088 was just capable of 17W.

Using a Class A, all-tube design, the AC4C1-BL provides a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes, and relies on a single EL84 Power tube to deliver 4 Watts of power through a 10" Celestion VX 10 Speaker.

Complementing the rich, blue vinyl and Tygon grille cloth, is an old-school "Bakelite-inspired" Vox handle.

The address of Vox is given as: Elm Road, Vanguard Way, Shoeburyness (Essex).

Vox Amplification is now shipping the newest addition to its all-tube line, the AC4C1-BL, which recreates a rare vintage look from Vox's long amp history.

This must be a mis-stamping for 10JM = 10th September 1967.

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The T1096 was entered in the Celestion log book on 27th May '64 along with the T1088 and other speakers.

THE CELESTION SILVER - T1088 (15 Watts with light doping) - 8ohms Cone made by Pulsonic, the British manufacturer, code H1777 Entered in the Celestion log book, 27th May 1964: "As T530, sprayed Poly Grey".

T1088s were probably present in the large AC50 speaker cabs used by the Beatles at Stockholm in July 1964.

The lightweight version of this driver was the Celestion 44. Note that in common with the Rola G12 above, the 74 has nuts on the top cap instead of screws found on the CT3757 (further down this page). In the example above the code - "3757" - stamped on the gasket, along with the date code - "08JE" - 8th October 1960. If the gasket of the latter is original, this is a very late "alnico blue".

The cone code is stamped on the cone itself - " RIC 1 FW". Assembled by the Westrex company, on which see this page..

The Celestion register of speaker types - the "T" book - is printed in extenso (insofar as it relates to 12" speakers) by Michael Doyle, "The History of Marshall" (1973), appendix 1, pp. Some of the relevant pages are available on Google Books Also see Jim Elyea's wonderful, "Vox Amplifiers: The JMI Years" (California, 2009), esp. 264-276; and the numerous posts in the Vox and Speaker fora of the Plexi Palace. See the excellent comments on this Plexi Palace thread.