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16-Oct-2020 06:25

Deadline: 2019-09-22 Award: ,500 Open to: Everyone* Porsche is seeking new ideas for a system that will autonomously transport assembled vehicles, including sports cars with low ground clearance, between operating sites within a factory.

Deadline: 2019-10-19 Award: 0,000 Open to: Nurses* Nurses have the best hands-on perspective on what new moms and newborns need.

Deadline: 2019-09-30 Award: 0,000 CAD Open to: Canadian Corporations* The manual process of extracting video and audio of individuals at border crossing is tedious and needs an upgrade!

Do you have an idea to automated this process, including redaction of other parties from the files?

Deadline: 2019-11-15 Award: ¥2,000,000 Open to: Everyone* This contest calls for new applications, such as smartphone apps, Web services and ideas using open data of public transportation and open data from other sources.

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Deadline: 2019-09-13 Award: € 230,000 Open to: Everyone* Are you a tech startup with emerging technologies in anything from Aeronautics, to Energy, to Drug Discovery?

Deadline: 2019-09-30 Award: €25,000 Open to: Everyone* Do you have an idea in the field of Sustainable Building and Living?

Anything from Affordable Housing to Indoor Air Quality solutions are welcome!

Do you have an idea that could significantly improve maternal and newborn health?

Deadline: 2019-08-31 Award: 5,000 Open to: Everyone* How do we produce impactful analysis in a rapid manner, bring back results to beneficiaries to turn data into action, and make ethics a main concern in each step of the process?This challenge seeks startups in areas from Agritourism to Production Methods!