Virgo dating a scorpio oxidizable carbon ratio dating

19-Oct-2020 00:28

The Virgo is timid and composed, whereas Scorpio is known for being passionate and intense.Having many differences, these two can learn a lot from one another, especially when deciding to have a common ground and working together.The Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, while the Scorpio by Pluto.This is a powerful combination in which Pluto brings a lot of intensity.However, he or she can learn it’s not a good idea to criticize a Scorpio as he or she can be ruthless when getting his or her revenge.

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The greatest thing about their connection is the fact that they can be a highly effective team when together, especially after the Scorpio has understood the Virgo can be used as an asset for him or her to become better.The Virgo can be nagging and annoyed by the Scorpio, thing that can never change.

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