Validating french rail tickets

08-Dec-2019 23:41

I am traveling from Amsterdam to Paris in May, and I have already purchased my rail tickets on the Thalys train route. Thanks, Rob In Europe you validate your ticket by stamping it at a little machine on the platform or in the station before you board. It should be particularly easy to get help with this from passers-by or rail personnel in Amsterdam, where almost everybody speaks English. Before using you rail pass the first time, go to any ticket counter and have them "validate" the pass.I would like to know if I need to have my tickets validated? This puts a date on the pass indicating the start of the period of validity. Each day you use the pass, before you get on the train, fill in the date for that day.In Oui trains will, when all rolled out, offer wifi and tickets will no longer be checked on board. Tickets known as "Tarif Prem's" will offer the best price if you're able to plan in advance and are available up to 90 days before you plan to get on the train but the catch is you can't change your ticket or refund it, and on some journeys a limited number of them are available.

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In addition to its lauded high-speed TGV trains which are slowly being phased out (CLICK HERE for more details), SNCF also runs regional TER trains, Intercités, the service linking major towns and cities, and Transilien trains that service the greater Paris Ile-de-France region.

Also, an American "7" looks like a "1" to Europeans.

Make sure you put a "crossbar" through the seven, or the conductor might claim it is a 1, and that you already used that date of travel. Regarding validating point to point tickets, it depends upon the country.

Want to travel in the comfort of a spacious train and visit France? TGV trains are the flagship of French rail as they offer an exciting experience on board at top speed touching 320 km/h.

TGV runs on a vast array of cities throughout France from city-center to city-center and even in Northern Spain at amazing speed.

The good thing is that they can be exchanged right up to the day before you plan to travel, although you will now have to pay a fee of €5 if its within 30 days of the date of travel.

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