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23-Jul-2020 07:11

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Whatever the reason, I would refrain from contacting them again.

Let them respond or notify you of an issue if there is indeed one to report. It might have been delivered without ever being scanned, it could have been misplaced by the PO, or it might have been stolen from the blue drop box.

In your case if the package has NEVER been scanned including when delivered I think your goose is cooked. Skip Navigation Links Home File a Complaint FILE A COMPLAINT Report these issues to the U. Postal Inspection Service online: Mail fraud May include scams or deceptive ads via the mail, or postage fraud.

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At this point, there is no proof the USPS took possession. Although rare, I have received packages myself where tracking never updated – showing exactly what your tracking shows.

Should I try to contact the customer outside of Amazon? I’m assuming that 4/18 is my deadline and that is quickly approaching. Thanks One of the many downsides to using those ‘self-service drop boxes’.