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21-Jan-2020 09:09

Below are some of the best apps you should get for your hacked Wii.These are called homebrew applications because they are not officially approved for the Wii console and are only installable through the special Homebrew Channel app.Like Mplayer CE, it actually plays more video formats than the Play Station.It also supports MP3s, can be used as a picture viewer, and can access radio station services.With homebrew apps, you can do things you can't normally do on a Wii.This might include playing unlicensed games or allowing your ​Wii to support DVD playback, both of which a "regular" Wii is not able to do.If you have a new Wii, this procedure reportedly won't work until you have at least one message in your Wii Message Board.To create a memo, select the envelope in a circle (located in the lower-right corner of the main menu).

If the Wii is new and you have no messages, create a memo on the Wii.Nintendo didn't design the Wii to support homebrewing.So, there's no guarantee that using homebrew software won't harm your Wii.You can use an SD card reader on your PC and manually copy the apps to the card (useful if you don't have an active internet connection), or you can use the Homebrew Browser.

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If you can't get this app to work, you might need to go into the settings.

You are responsible for any problems that arise from installing Wii homebrew software. It's also possible that installing homebrew software could void your warranty.