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18-Mar-2020 23:30

Do NOT install the High Encryption version of SP6a on your system!!!var microsoft = microsoft

Check this page for ways to keep your computing systems current and tuned, in addition to evaluation software to help you pilot test new features or versions.For more information about computer recommendations from UITS, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: At IU, where can I find information about buying computer hardware and software?You can install Windows 2000 either as an upgrade, which will preserve your currently installed applications and network settings, or as a clean install, which will reformat your hard drive and erase all your data.It was also the last release in the Windows NT family to be branded as Windows NT although Windows 2000 carried the designation "Built on NT Technology".

Although the chief enhancement has been the addition of the Windows 95 shell, there are several major performance, scalability and feature improvements to the core architecture, kernel, USER32, COM and MSRPC.

Microsoft retired both mainstream and extended support for this version in June 2004, which means security updates are no longer being developed.