Updating remote query timeout

06-Apr-2020 07:22

Earlier in Figure 1, the SQL Server environment is configured using a MAXDOP value of 1, through testing we found changing the MAXDOP to a value of 8 during index maintenance yielded the best performance.Let's demonstrate how to setup a SQL Server Agent Job to do so: 1.Index Maintenance is typically performed through a SQL Server Agent Job on a scheduled basis.The maintenance can be custom scripts or commonly a SQL Server Maintenance Plan.We should take advantage of increasing the "maximum degree of parallelism" (MAXDOP) during maintenance for rebuilding indexes.Figure 2 below is used to measure performance differences by changing the MAXDOP during index rebuilds for a 30MB table in the Adventure Works database.

Below is an example to change it instance-wide to a value of 8 without requiring the MAXDOP hint.

If you believe there could be an issue, try adjusting the maintenance schedule or other system processing to reduce processor utilization between different applications.

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