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They concern whether music21 can access the Internet, and whether you are willing to comply with the license for use of music21 and the included corpus of scores.

You have to accept the license to continue (we need to retain some rights you know!

team strongly recommends using the version of Python 3 from the website and not the Conda version (or Enthought Canopy) because it is fully compatiable with matplotlib.

If you have no plans on plotting functions, feel free to use any flavor of Python 3.) it should display in Terminal something like the following: If it says 3.4 or higher (or possibly a number like 3.4.2), you’re okay.

(The cursor won’t move or display any letters when you type in the password.

Just rest assured that the characters are being transmitted).

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Visit Stack Exchange I think you'd better install a new version of python in your own dir instead updating the default in the /usr/bin/ for example, you can download the source from official website, then compile and install it in your own dir such as /home/usrname/python.

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It’s a great first programming language especially, which leaves a lot of folks looking for explanations on how to perform tasks that are apparently so simple, no tutorial thought to explain them.

Enter “y” or “yes”, or press return to accept the default of “yes”.

Before installation begins you may be asked for your Mac password.

As this is a program downloaded from the Internet, the System will likely warn you about running it. After waiting a few moments to load modules, the Configuration Assistant begins.

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The first option is to install in its standard location (see below, The Installation Destination).

As Python packages are stored in a System directory, you need to give permission to write files to that location.