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30-May-2020 21:14

I did this mainly because there are a lot of servers in two locations that need frequent access to the base and ports repositories, and there are currently cvsup mirrors running (one at each place) to keep the load off the upstream servers and for faster local access.

Rather than being caught off guard for 10.x, switch now, and you might need to anyhow if you plan on tracking anything but 9-STABLE.

NOTE: svnserve does not appear to properly handle dual stack IPv4/IPv6, so you may need to use the IPv4 IP or a DNS alias without a AAAA when accessing the repo such as: If anyone knows a good way to have it listen on both, I’d love to hear it. :-) Here are a couple other handy commands (will add more as I find them or they are suggested): The default behavior of csup/cvsup was to overwrite your locally changed files.

By default Subversion will leave your changes alone and try to merge them.

The csup style behavior is more useful as a consumer applying local patches and needing to revert to the newest upstream when it’s updated.Base – This includes all of the various Free BSD OS and related code.