Updating myspace and facebook simultaneously updating an erp system is added functionality

05-Jul-2020 18:37

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram EASILY using your phone.There is a one time setup and from then on its as easy as point, shoot, and upload! There are four apps you need to download AND login into to make this work: You can download other Social Media Apps and link them the same way (like Tumblr or Foursquare). Now you're ready to keep up with all your social media!Photos, via Instagram or uploaded on your own, will display on your profile in grids of three, highlighting nine photos in total.If that doesn't sound like much, that's because it's not.Facebook users will be able to watch streaming video of the Tuesday memorial courtesy of an alliance with CNN Live, and My Space members will get a similar opportunity thanks to collaboration with entertainment titan AEG.“The memorial will be streamed real time, free, and people will be able to comment or link over to Michael Jackson’s profile,” said Sarah Joyce of My Space Music.

And that's the case in the year of responsive Web design.

Free virtual versions of Jackson's famous glove are the most popular gift at Facebook, with more than 800,000 having been sent to members.

The same technology used to stream CNN coverage of US President Barack Obama's inauguration - Facebook Connect - will be put to work letting people watch the Jackson memorial in CNN Live video players.

Sites are overhauling their designs and backends to correspond with the shift to mobile as the primary conduit for Internet access.

In trying to stay ahead of the curve, Facebook is updating the site once again, perhaps a little more nuanced than before, with mobile in mind."We are picking up the stream and showing our support." My Space Music also lets members of the News Corp-owned service listen to Jackson songs or view King of Pop music videos online free due to a partnership with Sony Music, according to Joyce.

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