Updating iweb from iphone

21-Dec-2019 14:42

Are you one of the 56% of Mac users who hasn't yet updated to Mojave?With Apple soon to announce the next version of mac OS is it time to make the leap to Mojave, or are the issues that stopped you upgrading sooner still relevant?You may be hoping that the developers will issue an update your app to make them compatible but you will likely be disappointed - if there is a newer version of the app it's more likely that the developer will encourage you to upgrade to the newer version.In this article we will describe an easy way to check compatibility with mac OS Mojave, so you can be sure that the apps you use will work with Mojave.If your apps fit into one of the following categories it's likely that you will experience problems: Apple indicated back in June 2017 that mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra) would be the last Mac operating system to support 32-bit apps “without compromise”.

Apple released Mojave in September 2018 so it's been available for download for a while.

For example, we had problems running Photoshop CS5, but we were able to solve the issue - find out how we were able to get it running again here: How to open apps that won't run in Mojave.

You won’t generally be able to run incompatible software on Mojave, though, some apps will be disabled when you upgrade to the new mac OS.

Many of the developers who don’t yet have 64-bit versions of their apps are already making the transition from 32-bit.

If they aren't then it’s probably time to consider switching to a more modern app.

While it should be noted that the versions of these apps causing issues are generally older and therefore not supported by the developer there are many Mac users who are still running them (perhaps because they weren't keen to update to subscription versions of the apps).