Updating ideneb

10-Jan-2020 19:49

updating ideneb-16

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The "Fn" combo keys would work only for volume but not for screen brightness. My original motive for updating was to finally be able to adjust brightness to save battery life.

But now that my machine interprets sleeping as going comatose - it won't wake up and would require me to force power it off - I've been having doubts on whether doing the update and going through all those trouble only defeated my main purpose or were they worth it?

* Do Not Install the i Deneb Base System over an existing Base System! To always execute a fresh install;* Do Not Select more than one a drivers of the same type!

For example, Do not select 2 Audio Drivers or 2 SMBIOS, this will in many cases cause the install to fail; * Vanilla 9.6.0 is default kernel; * If you have based on AMD and/or SSE2 you must select an alternative kernel, advised kernel voodoo 9.5.0; * If you use kernel Voodoo you don't select the AMD Patch ;* If you use Voodoo Kernel you must select "Seatbelt Fix" under fix for resolve the problem of mount of an .dmg,or .cdr;* If you select Apple BCM5784M_5787M and of the restart don't work, you could try with the package that there are in the Root of your System Partition;* If your system's sound does not work even after installing the proper sound drivers there may be an issue with the System Preferences.

Initially, on 10.5.5, the HP Mini would obediently sleep and be summoned from sleep but I couldn't adjust the brightness of the screen - it was perpetually set to max, thus causing my batt to drain quicker than I would've wanted it to.

These instructions are faster, simpler, and better explained.

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