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19-Jun-2020 10:28

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The DM920 UHD is characterized in particular by its ultra-fast processor with 12000 DMips, 8GB Flash and 2GB RAM (RAM).It has two plug and play tuner slots so that the customer can use the Dreambox for digital satellite, cable or antenna reception (DVB-T / T2).Like the other Dreamboxes, the DM920 UHD is based on the Dream Multimedia Enigma2 operating system.On the back, the box offers numerous connection options.

Doing so will ensure that all iterations align aesthetically with the newly created Brand.

I am using dreambox edit version as always. If still no joy then it could be that the new settings have a new file and your box has an older one hanging about in another location: etc\enigma2\ etc\tuxbox usr\share\tuxbox\ Normally there is one and the others are links but sometimes not so worth making sure that all files are the same size, age and version.