Updating 2 prong 3 prong outlets dating callum blue

20-Jul-2020 17:08

Merely replacing a two-prong outlet with a three-prong outlet is not enough however, as there is still no ground wire.With no ground wire in place, additional steps must be taken to keep your outlet safe and up to code.If the two-prong outlet is properly functioning and tested, you may keep it in your home.However, this is not recommended as they are not grounded – and not always compatible with new appliances and electronics. As a straight upgrade to two-prong outlets, three-prong outlets come equipped with the ability to attach ground wires to the outlet, providing safety to the homeowner and allowing adequate current flow.Remember to consult with AJ Danboise before proceeding, as our electricians will determine the best cost-effective electrical outlet option to take.

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Make sure you follow which wires attach to which screws (top or bottom) for both neutral and hot.According to the National Electric Code, two-prong outlets are allowed in homes as long as they are properly working.

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