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Financial education website The Balance defines a trust fund as “a special type of legal entity that holds property for the benefit of another person, group, or organization.” In layman’s terms, a trust fund is a flexible account that offers a number of important advantages for families looking to manage their assets wisely.Depending on the type of trust you establish, you can use it for a variety of purposes, including (but not limited to): Trust funds are also a popular choice for families who want to ensure their children and grandchildren under the age of 18 will be beneficiaries of their estate, but also want to be able to set specific rules that control how the assets will be distributed and used.They often can manage the trust themselves if they want, but it's common for them to have someone else take care of it.Usually, in America, the child doesn't get control of the trust until at least age 18, when a person is considered a legal adult in most states.Although some trust fund babies do fit the general stereotype, using their money just to enjoy themselves, travel and be socialites, some use it to pursue serious goals such as starting their own businesses.Others look into going to school — often at an Ivy League college or university — and developing a career of their choice.Given how the public usually sees these children, many people, especially those in urban communities, use the term negatively or as an insult.If a person sees someone else who isn't working but who still has nice things, for example, he might say something like, "He's such as trust fund baby, getting everything he wants." Another example might be someone saying, "Nah, I'm no trust fund baby — I actually have to work for my money." Even though the goal of nearly every guardian or parent generally is to provide a good life for their child, critics often worry that, by having everything provided for them, trust fund babies do not develop a good work ethic.

” For many, the phrase conjures up images of wealthy, over-privileged teenagers driving fancy cars, attending expensive private schools, and spending summers basking on yachts in the Mediterranean.A trust fund baby is a person who is born to someone with a large amount of money, who puts considerable assets aside in a trust for the child to access and use later.The phrase, often used with modern socialites, became popular in the 20th century as more American families became wealthy and had children who inherited money.Trust fund babies may become depressed if they believe their relationships aren't very deep, with some even taking measures to hide their financial status so it doesn't cloud what others think and how they interact.

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They also may question their ultimate purpose, struggling to find their own talents or place in the world.

Trusts typically involve three parties or entities: the grantor, who sets up the fund; the beneficiary, who the fund is established for; and the trustee, who oversees the fund.