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23-Sep-2020 09:30

they generally have jobs already, and can support themselves financially.they might be educated, or have travelled outside of Thailand, and they are looking for honest, genuine relationships.

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She was at a low point in her life and she couldn’t get back to visit her family as often as she wanted. She told me not to think about it, she was with me now, and she loved me. I was so happy to be with my beautiful girl, and felt so lucky to have met her on the dating site in the first place! During those weeks together, we had an awesome time. It moves at a different pace, and I found myself slowing down, relaxing, chilling out a lot more than I ever had before. I was just happy to take it easy, I mean, we were having so much fun, why rush things? I knew she couldn’t find a decent paying job where she didn’t have a boss that shafted her. She was crying a lot, and the whole situation was stressing her out. That’s if she wants to come and live with me in Australia anyway.The success of Thai women in Thailand has not dampened thousands of younger Thai women seeking foreign adventure.