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In June 2002 Taylor married Natalie Ann Bryant who was five months pregnant at the time.From that point on Hanson's management and publicity team began to continually release statements and news lines about Taylor and his wife and child.Isaac (Clarke Isaac Hanson, guitar and vocals) was born on November 17, 1980.Taylor (Jordan Taylor Hanson, keyboards/piano and vocals) was born on March 14, 1983.Zac stated that while he has never followed marching orders (some interpreted that as the religious opinion stand on non hetero-sexuality) and believes that a person makes a choice to live the lifestyle.This sparked a minor outrage among Hanson's gay/bisexual fan base.Some believed Zac meant that being gay was a choice.However others believe he meant that a person makes a choice to act on sexual urges, while some choose to ignore them and live a life that contradicts their preferences.

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Jackson, Joan Cusack, and Bradley Whitford rounding out the cast besides Ms.Even with the continuing promotion of Taylor as a heterosexual, the rumors continued without fail.From clearly fabricated stories about Taylor with men passed around on the internet, to confirmed accounts from individuals who witnessed Taylor at various locations and events, acting contradictory to his public image the 'word on the street' was that Taylor was/is married only in technical terms.Zac (Zachary Walker Hanson, drums and vocals) was born on October 22, 1985.

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