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26-Sep-2019 11:57

It’s a very taboo topic in hip-hop, and there are some bridges and gaps that we as a people need to close.

It takes a person to be brave enough to do that and wake people up.

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Have you thought of making “swag” officially yours? At your shows, your fans offer themselves, their girls, sometimes even their mothers to you. You’ve also self-released an inspirational book, , which touts “THE POSITIVE, THE LOVE and ALL POSSIBILITIES for everyone.” Sounds very uplifting. I haven’t tried pitching it to Oprah’s Book Club yet and have just let it live with the people.

I wanted to be that first artist to be brave enough to do it for the people.

In 100 years, people will look back and appreciate it. This is not the end of me; this is just a chapter in the big book. The Based God came before the Sheen; the Sheen gets million per episode, but the Based God came before.

Lil B — the 23-year-old Bay Area native who made a dent with his group the Pack’s shoe anthem “Vans” in 2006 before breaking out as a solo artist — has quickly become one of hip-hop’s most polarizing figures.

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He traffics in a self-created genre, Based music, characterized by free-flowing raps steeped in braggadocio, misogyny, and absurdity, with titles like “I’m God,” “I’m Miley Cyrus,” and “Wonton Soup”. If a subreddit has chat available, you can visit that subreddit and join a chat room in the community.

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