Stop tomtom home updating

12-Oct-2019 19:53

If you're OK with this, you can continue using our sites.It’s no secret that Microsoft has changed the expected location of many tools and components in Windows 10.To that end, consider the information below to be out of date, with a more thorough update to come.As a general rule, an up-to-date operating system is a secure operating system, and some people are terrible at updating their operating systems.Step 3: On the right-side, double-click on the policy labelled Configure Automatic Updates to open its properties. Under Configure automatic updating, select second option labelled Notify for download and notify for install. You can simply ignore the alert to avoid downloading and installing updates.When this policy is enabled, you’ll see Some settings are managed by your organization message under Advanced options of Windows Update.This new feature is actually pretty convenient for most users, but not everyone wants their operating system updated on Microsoft's schedule.(And it's one of the reasons you might not want to upgrade to Windows 10 just yet.)If you're running a professional version of Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise or Education), you actually can disable automatic updates using the Group Policy editor.

The most obvious -- albeit laborious -- solution is to install updates at times when it's convenient for you.That's probably why Microsoft has -- controversially -- decided to make Windows 10 an automatically-updating OS.