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08-Oct-2019 16:08

” Most teachers engaged in staffroom romances are quite skilled at following the unwritten rules of workplace dating.As long as they don’t act like a couple at work and behave appropriately, where’s the harm?Here are rules you should adhere to when dating a work mate.ESTHER MUCHENE Before you start sowing your wild oats, you need to confirm whether your company condones office romance or if it is banned.And never, ever punch office property," quips Emma Taylor (a.k.a. Your eyes meet theirs across the staffroom and you just know: this is going to be something special. Some strongly advise against it; others suggest we follow our hearts. Generally speaking, my answer to that question is: “Sure, why not?Considering more and more of us are spending most of our times in the office, crushing on someone soon becomes inevitable.

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Another survey conducted by Career Builder revealed that at least a quarter of all working professionals have confessed to dating a colleague in the past.If you're a snot about your breakup, coworkers could (and honestly, should) take your ex's side.