Sports booty cam

15-May-2020 16:07

What about those rugby players exposing their hunky bodies?You'll find so much stuff that your head will almost explode: take a tour to RUGGER BUGGER, your search for NAKED SPORTSMEN is finally over!If you care about football, you want to know how close your team is to the first-down marker; that line gives you that information.It was an invention for people who loved watching football on television, people who loved watching football on television.

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College basketball, in particular, is prone to this sort of "experimentation," because, well, college basketball just isn't as popular as it used to be.

They are ESPN waving shiny objects in the face of extremely casual fans, jingling keys to get their attention: If you like watching basketball on television, you don't want the floor cam, because you want to watch a basketball game.

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