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We had the good fortune of being supported by Transportation Alternatives (TA), a non-profit advocacy organization in New York City, where I was working at the time.

Having TA as a founding partner of Planning Corps was a perfect fit.

Another strength of working with TA is that they have an ambitious scope, but specific projects.

So we can plug Planning Corps into the TA process and talk about making a street better, and everyone present knows that TA will be able to carry those ideas beyond the meeting room.

The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) implemented some safety improvements over the last ten years, but there was growing widespread sentiment that they weren’t enough.

Data from both the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Elmhurst Trauma Center revealed a disproportionate number of pedestrian injuries on Queens Boulevard, yet sustaining the campaign year after year became tough.

We’ve been writing short updates at but nothing that explores the ideas behind Planning Corps.

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A little background for those who aren’t familiar with NYC: Queens Boulevard is a major east west arterial corridor in the Borough of Queens.

In advocacy, you have people’s attention for only a short period of time.