Speed dating events bucks

12-Nov-2020 03:31

(Note: If you do decide to fill in, make sure you rotate like everyone else!

I didn’t rotate for a couple rounds, and it made things a little tricky toward the end of the meetup!

I’ll be serving up huge helpings of coffee, tea, cookies, doughnuts*—and friendship!

As I planned this event, I relied heavily upon this librarian’s site.

Then I printed out this star and this arrow for the trickier moves.

(See the librarians site above for details on movements!

Yesterday Bucks County Community College sent professors and representatives to the Center for Student Leadership to speak to over 60 juniors and seniors for our version of "College major speed-dating".

On top of that, I bought tea for everyone in the group who wanted it (our group wasn’t into coffee! The coffee shop we were in just filled up a gallon jug of hot water and had a variety of tea bags available.In retrospect, if I’d had a smaller group (we had 16), it would’ve been great to let people chat for even longer!

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