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, — a movie which catapulted many a big time comedy career (Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow, Jonah Hill, and more) — is approaching its 10 year anniversary in 2015.But given its success and the amount of talent involved it should come as no surprise that all of the comedians/actors are still more popular than ever and creating excellent comedy for the big screen today.If you liked "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" you will love this movie.

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Nothing against him, but if I hear Yah Mo B There one more time, I'm gonna yah mo burn this place to the ground.""Oh, turban now? The thing is some people may go into The 40 Year Old Virgin not knowing Steve Carrell as well as Owen Wilson or Vince Vaughn, as Carrell has built up his cult status on The Daily Show (one of my favorite shows on now) and in small but unforgettably riotous roles in Anchorman and Bruce Almighty.This is his first starring role, but it's not treated like some third rate vehicle.The big laughs though make up for not just any kind of formalities with the plot, or one or two little stray stories (the fellow co-workers have their own relationship problems as well, Rudd's being the funniest).

The big laughs come through because of Carrell's reactions, and that the people around him can either back up with their own sort of humor/charm, or that its with some truth.When Nicky is side-swiping parked cars in her PT Cruiser, Andy's face inside the car shows trepidation as he screams. Michael Mc Donald is the singer whose video appears endlessly in the background at the Smart Tech store and threatens the sanity of its employees. Zimmerman Additional Music by Domenico Savino (1950) Lyrics by Alfred Hart Miles (as Alfred H.