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10-Oct-2020 10:58

To support this, Active Sync clients need to support HTTP 451 redirect.When a client is redirected, the profile on the device is updated with the URL of the Exchange Online service.For more information about AADConnect, see Integrating your on-premises identities with Azure Active Directory.Exchange Active Sync clients will be seamlessly redirected to Office 365 when a user's mailbox is moved to Exchange Online.Exchange 2019, along with Share Point Server 2019, enables Outlook on the web users to link to and share documents that are stored in One Drive for Business in an on-premises Share Point server instead of attaching files to messages.Users in an on-premises environment can collaborate on files in the same manner that's used in Office 365.

AADConnect introduces management agents that will make it significantly easier to synchronize multiple on-premises Active Directory forests with a single Office 365 tenant.

Other than that, the Mailbox server in Exchange 2019 includes all of the server components from the Exchange 2013 Mailbox and Client Access server roles: The Edge Transport role is typically deployed in your perimeter network, outside your internal Active Directory forest, and is designed to minimize the attack surface of your Exchange deployment.

By handling all Internet-facing mail flow, it also adds additional layers of message protection and security against viruses and spam, and can apply mail flow rules (also known as transport rules) to control message flow.

Today, CPU horsepower is significantly less expensive and is no longer a constraining factor.

With that constraint lifted, the primary design goal for Exchange 2019 is for simplicity of scale, hardware utilization, and failure isolation.This allows a higher level of visibility of transport errors and enhanced recoverability.

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