Songs not updating on sandisk fuze

19-Nov-2020 01:58

The problem is that the Fuze 's interface tends to either be too responsive when it don't want it to be (causing you to accidentally skip ahead or back), or not responsive enough, with the interface generally being laggy enough to get on your nerves.

The player itself also takes a surprisingly long 15 seconds or so to first boot up, but is otherwise pretty responsive when simply waking from sleep mode.

As we mentioned, the biggest change is the inclusion of a capacitive touch panel instead of a tactile click wheel, which leaves the power button and volume rocker switch as the only physical buttons on the player.The center button does work for entering charging mode on your player, but only if the player is already powered on and booted into Rockbox.If you attempt this with the player turned off, it will boot into the OF.If you put your headphones on you'll be able to hear a "click" when the power shuts off.

It is possible for this to happen without any LED's or the backlight being lit, so trying this is also useful if the Sansa seems to be powered off and doesn't react to the power button.It is also possible that you have a v2 version of the player.

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