Soldier dating site

23-Jul-2020 07:05

Two days ago, dating sites tennessee he called me and said he needs money so he can come home.

He is a lieutenant colonel in the army and stationed at Fort Campbell. Typically, if I asked for either a number or a real date, I was met with radio silence and never heard from the guy again.

However, they don’t talk about it and they certainly don’t tell you they are on a “top secret mission”. He says he is not allowed to talk about what he does, however, he has cleared it with his CO that he can tell you enough to make you believe he is who he says. If he truly is not allowed to share any details about his job, his CO doesn’t even allow him to talk about it with family, much less someone he met on the internet.

Also, any special operations soldier worth his beret will not reveal his location to someone he doesn’t know (or even someone he does! Sometimes with this tactic, they will ask you to email/send mail to the CO to ask for permission. I know some very unlucky people but this is just over the top.

Some have been sentenced to death, according to another report.

Those men who did reach out were often willing to share some fairly intimate personal details.

What struck me most was that almost all of the men that really opened up to me had their hearts broken by their girlfriends, fiancees, and wives while they were deployed.

Overall, my experiences with the sites were varied, with one emerging as a clear winner. The people behind military dating scams do not give up easily. He is in special operations and has a lot of covert operations. These scammers are professionals who know just how to tug your heartstrings.

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We have been communicating online for the past year.

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