So beautiful you are intimidating

01-Mar-2020 04:02

She’ll expect that from you, and you’ll thank her for it in the end.For eons, men ran the show, and while women are quickly taking over major roles in society, business, education, and their own lives, some men just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that women are large and in charge these days.Check out Hack Spirit’s no-nonsense guide to using Buddhism for a better life here].I believe that I’m an alpha female, and sometimes, I’ve unintentionally rubbed some guys the wrong way.Some men would rather than women return to a place of submission and not stand out in the crowd.“Bringing home the bacon” is still a very real thing for men in today’s society, but with more women taking home the bacon on their own, the need for a man on their arm is becoming less and less important to alpha women.Everyone benefits when we give women the space they need to become what they were meant to be. (To learn more about becoming mentally tough and living your best life, check out Hack Spirit’s new e Book on the Art of Resilience here).Some men think feminism is a sign that they are weaker.

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Men can find this intimidating because society has taught them to take control and be the leader.But there is room for everyone to be great on this planet.

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