Snsd dating scandal

28-Dec-2019 13:39

On top of that, SNSD’s dominance wasn’t fair to a lot of people who did not fit their mould.

We need female idols that are less obedient and less aesthetically pleasing i.e. That said, even if you didn’t like what they represented, there was something about SNSD’s success, budget and sheer numbers that made it seem like they were the ones who could really take things to the next level for girls in K-pop.

We saw a little bit of a glimpse of it during the lead-up to the Mr. promotions when the group decided to reveal a more intimate, fun side through their Soshi Now videos but that window quickly and inexplicably closed.

For now, it just seems like it’s been decided that it isn’t worth taking the gamble anymore, Soshi as image has hit a wall.

They’ve acted as free distribution for K-pop around the world and have played a huge role in making SNSD what they are to the international fandom.

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Honestly, if the girls are happier now that the stranglehold over their image has loosened then it’s probably for the best.

“Industry reps” have commented that this move has sent the group into a crisis and, while the comment is a tad overblown, it does provoke the question of what SM even want from SNSD anymore.

It’s true, as some netizens have claimed, that SM could save SNSD with another “Gee” but fans know more than to expect that these days.

Is the answer found in some golden combination of record sales, our private fantasies and some societal ideal of what girls could be?

Kim Young Min believes that SNSD will eventually be replaced, but I don’t really know what that will look like when it happens.It’s that special type of “cultural technology” that SM have been pushing with just the right variety of elements – innocence, capability, unattainability – to make the group stand out from the rest.

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