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14-Oct-2019 10:07

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Van Halen, “Dreams”Was this song written specifically to run under people’s skydiving videos?

Fun fact for all the kids with the mohawks down on St. She was coming off the Penthouse spread and the media frenzy surrounding her “Fuck Off” wedding to Sean Penn, and getting critically drubbed in the play Goose and Tomtom and the movie Shanghai Surprise — yet no kerfuffle was more dispiriting than the one over this song.You know how groups of 14-year-old boys enjoy a good Depression-era Sally Field–Danny Glover farm drama. Madonna, “Live to Tell”I saw Madonna live for the first and only time a few years back, and she sang this song up on a giant cross, just in case you’re wondering whether Mo’s relationship with the Catholic church has gotten any warmer.

The difference is I can deal with my unattractiveness looks and stature while you need to blame it on race to make yourself feel better. If you were a goodlooking, tall handsome man and still say this than I will believe the fact, but you're the type that girl's wouldn't even look twice unless you show some cash.… continue reading »

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