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Especially in the case of dead artists, they can be the only evidence of the artist's incremental development of an image. By the late 1960s artists and publishers added such refinements as editions A 1/100, B 1/100, C 1/100, etc., and editions for various countries or continents (where numbers would duplicate the other editions).

Collectors may prefer final artist's proofs even when they are identical to the main edition In the late 1950s there started to appear other additional prints in excess of the Arabic numbered edition, such as hors commerce (H. Other editions, on different paper or with changes of ink color, appeared and were callee E. These "refinements" are some of the ways artists and publishers devised to multiply the actual total quantity of an edition of prints, yet retain the illusion of a small limited edition by keeping the hand-inscribed numbers low. These "proofs" started appearing on the market as part of editions; they are another method to extend the edition beyond the stated number of prints.

No matter what your signature looks like, what form it takes or where you put it, no work of your art is complete without the bottom of the image on the original paper, in pencil.A pencil mark cannot be reproduced by computers, making it less vulerable to fraud.S., and subsection (1) of this rule, the following additional information must be included: (a) Plans and Prints.

Every sheet within the plans and prints must be signed, dated and sealed by the professional engineer in responsible charge.In that case, so long as the listed building code is still in effect at the time of permit, it is technically valid unless a revised set has been issued.

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