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You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.It’s every circus performer’s worst nightmare: while working with wild animals, one of them stops playing along and decides to attack a human.Unfortunately, it’s a reality that magician Roy Horn had to face on that fateful day in 2003. One of the biggest reasons that Siegfried & Roy became the most popular entertainers in Las Vegas is that they were willing to go above and beyond for the sake of entertainment. Exotic animals were always part of their show and the men treated them with a combination of awe and respect, raising the animals from infancy.The Las Vegas attack is equally horrific and unforgettable: as 1,500 fans watched in the audience, a 400-pound white tiger named Montecore sank his teeth into the performer and dragged his unconscious body off the stage. The German-born immigrants were discovered while performing on a cruise ship and were invited to join the European night club circuit. But some critics say the performers got a little too comfortable being around wild animals. The animal trainer recently opened up about the real reason the 7-year-old tiger turned on Roy Horn.He said he has "no idea" why Lawrence is coming forward now with this story, adding, "He had problems with his life anyway."While it's impossible to know what Mantacore was thinking that night, the performers have made peace with the inicdent and still continue to greet fans at the secret garden, a complex on the grounds of the Mirage hotel where visitors can see lions and tigers."I really don't miss it," Siegfried said."We have been on stage in Vegas just by themselves for 40 years on stage, you know?In their interview, they addressed this spring's allegations by a trainer who claimed it was their actions that led to a tiger attacking Roy.

The attack could have easily ended Roy Horn’s life – but instead, he survived.

Mantacore was waiting to jump up onto Horn's shoulder to get a treat, and he told the tiger "no" repeatedly."Then Mantacore went on top of him.

And he looked around," Siegfried recalled of the tiger, who he said appeared to not understand what was going on.

Siegfried and Roy open up about the trainer who blamed duo for 2003 tiger attack originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.comwhite lions and white tigers, opened up for the first time in over a decade after an on-stage incident ended their show in 2003 and almost ended Roy's life." data-reactid="17"Iconic Las Vegas entertainers Siegfried and Roy, best known for their glamorous spectacle with white lions and white tigers, opened up for the first time in over a decade after an on-stage incident ended their show in 2003 and almost ended Roy's life.

ABC News sat down for an exclusive interview with the German-American duo while the pair were in Las Vegas before a reunion with over 150 cast members from their show dating back to the early '80s.Crew members got the tiger away from Horn and rushed him to the hospital, where he suffered severe blood loss and trauma.