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For example, both linens show bloodstains on the head, in approximately the same position, that were formed by sharp objects, similar to what thorns would produce.Jesus was the only person in recorded history to have been crowned with thorns before crucifixion.I mean the familiar story of “doubting Thomas” (John –29).The apostle Thomas was absent when the resurrected Christ appeared to some of the apostles.Other markings are compatible with what could have been a crown of thorns. Like the crucified Jesus in Gospel accounts, the man in the Shroud had no broken bones.On closer examination, you can spot bruises (from beatings? ), and the back of his shoulders (from carrying a heavy cross? The Shroud, the most studied, analyzed, and tested religious relic in the world, has spawned a vast, global field of scientific study, called “sindonology,” but still baffles scientists. For brevity’s sake, I will only scratch the surface (so to speak).Both contain not only the same rare blood type but also pollen of a kind found only in ancient Israel.The Shroud and the Sudarium authenticate each other.

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You can count over 100 whip marks, possibly from scourging by Roman , and identify on his wrists and feet obvious wounds that could have been from large spikes.A significant match has been found when overlapping the Sudarium bloodstains on the Shroud face: Even the two bloodstains caused by the crown of thorns on the forehead of the Shroud man show a correspondence with the bloodstains of the Sudarium.If you have read this far but, like Doubting Thomas, still need physical proof to accept the resurrection of Christ, I recommend that you research first the Shroud and then the Sudarium. Their markings are consistent with Scripture accounts of Christ’s torture and execution.“We have come to a point where it seems absurd to suggest that ‘by happenstance’ all of the wounds, lesions and swelling coincides on both cloths,” said the center’s president, Jorge-Manuel Rodríguez.

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“Logic requires that we conclude that we are speaking of the same person.” The study’s conclusion was no surprise to Sudarium expert Janice Bennett, author of Although Miñarro stops short of linking the two cloths to Jesus, ample research has yielded staggering evidence.“Blood first, image second” is a mantra of Shroud researchers.