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Essentials: Store manager Crucial contents of any desk drawer are an overabundance of pens (they seem to disappear like socks in a dryer), staple remover (because using your fingernail starts hurting) and Post It note pads (just because they look cool hanging up and they make you feel organized and important). scrabbled around our files trying to find the codes for a program we have to re-install.My drawer, unfortunately is devoid of two important items: a Magic 8 Ball for making all-important and vital decisions, and a bottle of extra strength aspirin for when you and your ball make wrong decisions (in extreme cases, razor blades). Pens, pencils, of course, and an encrypted USB flash drive that contains all one's passwords and registration codes. Keep up with all of it in one safe place, a place that's also arm's length away. Since we work from home and my desk is somewhat portable, I decided to put everything in an easy-to-move dinner tray.I guess we've all seen that famous Life magazine photo of Albert Einstein's messy desktop (a real one, made of wood, long before the advent of the PC).One can only imagine how haphazard the drawers might have been -- but it's proof that a disorganized workspace doesn't necessarily reflect a disorganized workplace. I am a graphic and Web designer and co-own a multimedia design studio.These people said they were just going to borrow the money but no one paid it back.You can talk with someone at your bank, and ask if you can report the people who tricked you into buying money orders.I was told my computer was being hacked by someone getting child porn. After three days of calls and 00 in Google Play cards I am a slightly more jaded individual. If you have more questions, send me another question.

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So here’s the most important thing for you to know: anyone who demands payment by gift card is always, always, always a scammer. (The contact info might be on the card, but might require some research) Call or email i Tunes or Amazon or whoever it was. If you act quickly enough, they might be able to get your money back.If you’ve gotten a call like this, you know that the caller will then demand the gift card numbers and PIN. Scammers are good at convincing people there really an emergency, so lots of people have made the trip to the Walmart or Target or CVS to buy gift cards to send these callers.