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01-Aug-2020 21:11

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The only problem is, whatever messages I sent from one device would stay there, while messages sent from another device would be locked in there.

Further complicating using multiple devices with the app is that received messages are only delivered to one device.

Think of it as an instant-messaging platform such as Skype, only instead of relying on usernames you use phone numbers.

With unlimited calling and texting to any number in the US, Free Tone is appealing as a Google Voice competitor or even a means to replace your phone number. Setting up Free Tone requires that you create an account.

Instead, Free Tone acts as a Vo IP solution, using your data connection to facilitate the voice and video calls, along with text message delivery.You can opt to enter your information by hand, or connect the app to Facebook or Google to speed up the process.I used my Google account and found it a bit odd that the app requests permission to post to my circles.As far as reliability, on a few occasions when messaging my wife I would receive duplicate messages, even though she'd only sent the message once.

Other times her messages were never delivered to my account at all.

Free Tone fulfills this promise, but it's the syncing that's the problem.