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RODRIGUEZ COMMITTED A CRIME IN POSTING MY HOME ADDRESS ONLINE IN COMBINATION WITH CLEAR HARASSMENT INTENT FOR NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE.THE FACTS OF THE SITUATION HAS BEEN REPORTED TO THE FBI AND THE [...] UPDATE: "DOXING" Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents) or doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.Studtmann to be disciplined by a published censure, to revise the proposed engagement letter he gives clients and to fully cooperate with a disciplinary administrator’s audit of his trust account [...] The petition alleged the two attorneys committed professional misconduct warranting public discipline—namely, as partners in a law firm, failing to supervise non-lawyer support staff to ensure the required trust account books and records were maintained, [...] The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, which investigates allegations of lawyer misconduct and prosecutes any resulting disciplinary case, wants Dierdorf’s law license suspended for at least three years and Schuessler’s suspended for at least two. Briefs aren’t supposed to be moving targets, the [...] Earlier this week, the Florida Supreme Court doled out a harsh reprimand to a Miami-Dade County judge who made the mistake of threatening to sue a store owner and politely telling him to “go f*ck [...] The Complainant, Ms.[...] An attorney who filed multiple appellate briefs that changed the body of her original brief was publicly reprimanded by the U. M, hired the Respondent to represent her in a divorce proceeding and to file a reconventional demand for spousal support, child custody and child support, in September of 2016. M paid [...] “Right now we have an Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is indicted for fraud.More Fraud Claims & FAKE Lawsuits Surface After Plea Bargain.“The allegations in the [...] PHOENIX AZ TIMOTHY FORSHEY draws yet another state complaint for not returning clients property.

Manhattan personal- injury atty William Schwitzer is using [...] Cleveland lawyer Steven Jerome Moody has been indefinitely suspended after a client secretly recorded his conversation bragging about ignoring the opposing counsel’s discovery requests and calling her “an arrogant bitch.” Cleveland lawyer Steven Jerome Moody is [...] The commission found that Kamin, who was licensed as an attorney in 1995, “dishonestly accepted service of a complaint and summonses for the subtenants in his office suite.” Those subtenants were defendants in an eviction [...] A complaint regarding Weir’s “failure to act with reasonable diligence and promptness with regard to fund received in a settlement to his client, keep his client reasonably informed, inform the client that he did not [...] Laborde allegedly “accepted the legal representation of a husband and wife whose interests were directly adverse to each other, and then, after terminating the legal representation of the husband, filed suit on behalf of the [...] The court ordered Michael J.Some of her other cases align closely with what she’ll argue for Avery: that he was framed.Kathleen [...] A Montclair lawyer accused of killing his girlfriend has been arrested on murder charges after a lengthy manhunt.(See [...] AZ State Bar Receives Notice of Troubling Issues of Attorney Joe M Romley Mental Fitness, “It’s a Matter of Public Concern.” An issue that has been drawing some recent national media attention is the mental [...] Arizona Attorney Aaron Kelly Draws New Attention in Crypto currency Dealings While Currently Under 2-Year Probation Ruling by Supreme Court The Scottsdale, Arizona based Kelly/Warner Law firm continues to attract attention for a wide variety [...] CLIENT COMPLAINT RENDERS PROBATION IN FAKE LAWSUIT FRAUD CASE.

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Daniel Warner & Aaron Kelly Placed On Probation For Fraudulent Activity.

13, in the Kanawha Circuit Court against the defendants alleging that they failed to file a timely administrative claim in Alpha Natural Resources Inc et [...] The court ordered Michael J.

Here are Vermont mechanics lien law allows broad protection regarding who can file a mechanics lien.… continue reading »

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