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No matter what he did, he felt, it was never good enough for her.His room wasn’t clean enough, his grades weren’t high enough, and, as she reminded him again and again, he wasn’t keeping pace with the other bright Jewish boys in the highly competitive town.Gary and his father spent long afternoons in the basement, communicating to other ham operators around the world, putting orange thumbtacks on a map for each country they reached.Kremen marveled at the wonder of the world waiting for him out there, a world he could teach over the airwaves.When the group built their own electric motors, Kremen’s was ugly, but functional.It was also, as his friend Mark Zissman observed, the only one that seemed to have been made by a kid without the help of a parent.It felt like a magical extension of their family road trips — when they’d pile into the powder blue station wagon and hit the road to drive to every state but Hawaii.

The infraction didn’t help him at home, where he was increasingly butting heads with his domineering mother.

But while candy fads and baseball stars came and went, there was one thing that never went out of style — porn magazines — and those were among the hardest things to get of all. Fortunately, brains were a given in the Kremen household.