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09-Jan-2020 23:18

He tells Amelia he thinks the right thing to do is step aside for Don to return, but that what he really wants to do is stay with her. He tells Sam that he understands that part of Amelia still loves him, but that she also loves Sam, and that ultimately the decision is hers and he will respect that.Sam returns home to tell Amelia he thinks he should leave.Flashbacks: Sam remembers being in a park with Riot, looking for Amelia.

He'd said yes and told her that she could talk to him about Don if she wanted.Flashbacks: Sam remembers the day he met Amelia's father, Stan Thompson.He and Amelia had just moved into a house together, and Stan obviously hadn't approved of him. I got a couple letters, some phone calls, and then a knock at the door. And everywhere I looked, all I could see was judgment and pity and just this constant reminder of Don everywhere. and became even more of a hot mess than I already was. – Amelia Richardson, 8.06 Southern Comfort Current time: Sam is in a house in Kermit, Texas.

Next thing I know, he's off overseas and I'm all alone.The next morning when he woke up, she'd been leaving for work and had asked him to forget what she'd said about her husband because she didn't want him to look at her with pity.

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