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If you need assistance filling out the forms, the clerk may be able to give basic instructions, but the clerk usually cannot help you decide what information to write or give you any sort of advice.You will also find links to online forms at our MA Download Court Forms page. Annual membership dues are five dollars; Life membership, one hundred dollars. According to the Bureau of American Ethnology, Spring Frog's Indian name is Too-an-tuh, more properly Diistii, and means a "species of frog." He was bom on the north side of Chickamauga Creek, at the edge of Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee. The log cabin in which Spring Frog was born stands today in the wildlife sanctuary of the Chattanooga Audubon Society, though it has been repaired and improved somewhat. The logs are hewn flat at the ends instead of being notched as white pioneers usually made them.^ Spring Frog was a prominent sportsman and naturalist among the Cherokees and was a man of great influence. Gilsonite Murray Discontinued effective 27 February 1909, mail to Buckhorn. Glenn Carter Discontinued effective 15 July 1922, mail to Springer. Chapman, Stillwater TERM EXPIRING IN JANUARY, 1970 Fisher Muldrow, Norman Lou Allard, Drumright Robert A. The Oklahoma Historical Society distributes The Chronicles free to members. This roll was drawn up preparatory to the removal of the Cherokees from the eastern states to the Indian Territory. Discontinued 1 April 1965, effective 9 April 1965, mail to Calvin. The Post Offices of Oklahoma, 1907 to 1965 55 Gilmore Le Flore Discontinued effective 15 January 1918, mail to Poteau. Lassiter Discontinued effective 31 July 1917, mail to Howe.

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Here he spent his declining years in agricultural pursuits. They agree that the name is not written in correct Cherokee characters, hence is difficult to translate with certainty. Gee Discontinued effective 30 November 1911, mail to Nashoba. Several people, versed in the Cherokee language, have visited his grave and studied the inscription. As nearly as the inscription can be translated, it reads: 5 Spring Frog Died 31st August month 1859 100 maybe age about or, couched in clearer English: Spring Frog Died August 31st, 1859 Aged about 100 years. i 5 PREHISTORIC CHERT QUARRIES IN KAY COUNTY: A REPORT By Otto F. Miss Clare Kerr, their work having been generously contributed and continued at intervals recently, for more than three years. Thobum was director of the Marland Archaeologi- cal Expedition of 1926, financed by Mr. Exploration work in the field was in charge of Otto F. Mc Rill, "Ferdinandina: First White Settle- ment in Oklahoma," The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. These are located in the northeastern part of Kay County, in the vicinity of the vil- lage of Hardy.